Innovation practice

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Deloitte Israel Innovation Practice is devoted to achieve real disruption, both for our clients and internally. 

We try to live by two core principles: 

  • Disrupt or be disrupted
  • Develop evolutions while seeking revolutions 

But first, why does everyone need to innovate?

The short answer is that innovation is becoming the life support system for any business. Companies that do not invest in innovation will most likely find themselves out dated soon.

At the end, innovation is all about growth and profitability, and without innovation, your business will grow, until it won't anymore...

Without innovation, it will be very hard for any business to identify, track and defend against the disruptive competitors. They will always be faster, smarter and even cheaper than you will. The question is why can you do in return?

The innovation world is divided into two different kind of innovation – sustaining and disruptive. While disruptive innovation aims at creating a new market and a new set of values, which did not exist before (we call these "revolutions"), sustaining innovation attempts to upgrade and evolve existing ones (the innovation "evolutions"). 

In order to achieve cutting-edge innovation within a company, it should aspire to achieve both revolution and evolution. Then it will have a significant and noticeable advantage over their opponents, since truly innovative companies differentiate from those where innovation is simply 'business as usual'.

Innovation within Deloitte - Our mission is to adopt the Israeli innovation culture, harness it to the professional services world and facilitate both evolution and revolution within our world, by upgrading our business offerings and creating new ones. Thus, while promoting innovation within our firm in order to achieve continuous growth by developing new multidisciplinary services and products based on our clients’ needs.

Our innovation model consists of three vectors of innovation:

  • Embedding an innovation culture.
  • Develop new Businesses and products that are technology driven. 
  • Digitizing our profession.
  • Shaping the future generations of our professionals. 

We do that while engaging with the local start-ups community and harnessing the innovative technology and entrepreneurs in Israel. Thus, by generating professional collaborations with the innovative-technological eco-system.

Innovation Consulting:

When a company's growth is threatened, slowed or stopped it is usually a result of leadership failure:

  • Failure to innovate new revenue streams.
  • Failure to create breakthrough growth strategies.
  • Failure to define innovative new products, services and business models.

• Failure to stimulate new business relationships and to rethink current business practices.

Today, CEOs understand that innovation is the one of the greatest driver of sustainable growth and competitive advantage. The challenges they face however are not in always in the supply of creative and innovative ideas, but in ensuring a repeatable and rapid means of converting them into value. In addition, many companies struggle in the implementation stage, where the ideas are turned to actions.

Having learned from its own experience, Deloitte can assist companies design and implement an innovation plan as an intrinsic part of the business plan. After all, we do it ourselves.

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