Knowledge Capital

Many organizations face the challenge of operational inefficiencies, as they do not make use of the accumulated knowledge in the organization, the business insights and experience. This causes a duplication of efforts in creating the same materials within similar business processes and causes frustration among employees.

The Knowledge Management Consulting Group supports companies throughout their knowledge management endeavors – from the identification of knowledge assets, to knowledge processing – allowing an efficient reuse of knowledge and leveraging all assets in the most effective way, effective context, and effective configuration.

We combine methodology and technology, offering end-to-end solutions that help our clients analyze their current KM state, define and characterize the desired KM solution, establish supporting processes and governance, and develop, implement and integrate the KM solution. Using global benchmarks, content experts and leveraging the firm’s wide cross-sector consulting experience, we provide the optimal solution to our client’s challenges.

We excel in harnessing the power of Generative AI (GenAI) to redefine Knowledge Capital, supporting organizations in accessing their internal knowledge, reducing knowledge loss risks, and enhancing knowledge retention.  By combining both methodological and technological capabilities, we are able to generate insights from vast pools of information and enable employees to work with increased autonomy and efficiency. This approach ensures that crucial knowledge remains at the fingertips of those who need it, regardless of their location or the tools they use. We are technologically agnostic, and successfully developed solutions across any tech stack, cloud service, and type of Large Language Model (LLM), thus ensuring a truly customized and seamlessly integrated experience. This tailored approach has made us a world leader in translating complex data into actionable intelligence that fuels innovation, growth, and practical success for businesses worldwide. 

In recent years Deloitte has been repeatedly awarded as the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE Awards), and our internal knowledge management is considered exemplary by global experts in the field. Deloitte was ranked as a Tier 1 company in the “Business Applications Implementation – Knowledge Management” category for 2018 by leading research company STKI. 

Among our solutions

  • Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Multichannel knowledge communication to the organization’s clientele
  • Organizational learning
  • Characterization and development of a digital work environment (Intranet Portal)
  • Definition of organizational inspection methodologies
  • Knowledge management solutions for Mobile
  • Retiring experts’ knowledge preservation
  • Enterprise social network
  • development of a performance-oriented data administration
  • Digital adoption platforms
  • Service Now
  • Generative AI solutions
  • Organizational Change Management


Contact our experts

Ido Namir

Ido Namir

Partner, Human Capital & Knowledge Management Portfolio Leader, Consulting

Ido has 20 years of extensive experience in consulting for organizations and companies all over the world. Ido specializes in development and execution of result driven knowledge management initiative... More

Inbal Namir

Inbal Namir

Managing Director and the leader of the Future of Work practice in Deloitte Israel.

Inbal has over 20 years of experience in assessment, application, and implementation of digital solutions, including processes strategy changes, and organizational digital solutions. She has vast know... More

Dikla  Hevion

Dikla Hevion

Senior Manager, Workforce Transformation

Dikla is a senior manager, leading the Knowledge Management field in Deloitte Israel. As part of being center of excellence in KM, the projects we are delivering to our clients across the globe, provi... More