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To grow with confidence, organizations need to make clear choices about where to play and how to win. And in a world where the pace of change is rapid and sometimes unexpected, leaders need to act nimbly, and decisively. Deloitte's strategy consultants, going to market as Monitor Deloitte, employ cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry expertise, working with leaders to resolve critical choices, and drive enterprise value.

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About us

Deloitte strategy consulting is a leading Israeli strategy consulting practice.

The practice was established in 2006, with the merger of Trigger and Foresight, two top veteran consulting firms. In 2012, Trigger-Foresight merged with Deloitte, the world's largest professional services firm, and became its Israeli strategy consulting arm. 

The practice offers its clients extensive experience and had led hundreds of projects across a wide range of markets and industries in the Israeli ecosystem, augmented by the vast resources and expertise of the global Deloitte consultancy practice.

Creating and maintaining a competitive advantage has become increasingly difficult in almost every sector. Companies require foresight and agility to quickly and effectively evolve in order to win. Top management is routinely faced with challenges that entail designing strategies to grasp opportunities in the market, successfully leveraging existing assets and capabilities, and creating long-term, sustainable and profitable growth.

That's where we excel. We supply valuable insights through exhaustive research, in depth analysis, and cutting edge strategic decision-making methodologies, keeping our clients in the lead.

Our structured consulting process consists of the identification of key challenges, formulation of effective guiding policies and actionable road map, and finally – rigorous implementation and measurable results.

The effectiveness of this process is measured by our clients' success and by their ability to make well founded decisions and achieve ambitious objectives time and again. Our own achievements are first and foremost the long-term relationships we cultivate with clients we made an impact on.  

We combine local expertise and global power to provide unrivaled value to our clients.

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Strategy consulting tailored to your business

The key to sustained value growth today is a virtuous growth cycle in which you identify where to play, how to win, and how to future-proof your business model. To solve complex problems, we apply many methodologies, wielded by strategy consulting specialists with deep industry, and functional knowledge.
We work with chief executives and their teams to create effective corporate and business unit strategies and to secure alignment across the enterprise. When senior executives face conflicting mandates of developing long-term strategies while delivering short-term results, we design and deliver integrated growth programs in their enterprises. As one of the few strategy consulting firms with a dedicated innovation and design practice, we help companies seize new growth opportunities by building, and launching new offerings and businesses.

Targeted pricing initiatives can drive substantial revenue and margin growth. We help clients develop commercial pricing strategies and processes in alignment with the organization's strategies. To help businesses become more intuitive enterprises, we show senior executives how to take an enterprise approach to digital strategy so it becomes integral to their business strategy. And, having been with chief marketing officers on their journey through the evolution of their role, we bring world-class capabilities to help accelerate growth, and define and deliver marketing excellence.

From strategy through execution, we help you deliver improved performance by increasing growth and de-risking strategic choices.

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A measured approach to retail growth

Pricing challenges and intense competition in retail markets have only increased in the emerging age of omnichannel retail and price transparency. To be successful in these conditions, pricing strategy needs to become more creative, differentiated, and based in a scientific test and measurement approach.  Explore why retailers should implement a culture of scientific measurement.

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Data Driven Innovation  

The purpose of the study is to assess the value of data-driven innovation to the Israeli economy, and to propose the best government policy for making Israel a DDI superpower that will know how to realize its DDI potential for economic growth, enhance competitiveness and reduce cost of living in Israel. The study examines three central questions: the potential economic value of DDI for the State of Israel, recommended government policy for realizing this potential, and how to identify government datasets that should be made public.         

Trends: Business ecosystems come of age

The notion of business ecosystems is now a crucial focal point for innovation, analysis, and strategic planning. Explore how organizations can thrive in a world of ecosystems.

Exceptional performance: A nonrenewable resource

What happens when a company achieves the summit? Is there nowhere to go but down? Superior performance, research shows, is neither quite as fragile nor robust as many believe—rather, it’s an attainable albeit slippery plateau. The key is to focus on profitability rather than revenue growth or value creation

Meet our leaders

Noam Gonen

Noam Gonen

Partner, Head of Strategy and Operations Group

Mr. Noam Gonen  leads Deloitte’s Strategy & Operation consultancy in Israel. With almost 3 decades of strategy consulting experience Noam has been involved with many of the nation’s leading companies ... More

Shally Tshuva

Shally Tshuva

Strategy Partner

Shally is Lead Partner for the strategy practice and the TMT industry leader of the Israeli member firm. He has more than 20 years of experience in advising large organizations on strategy development... More

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