Our experts help maximize the possibilities of obtaining various incentives, both in Israel and abroad, dedicated to leverage the company’s R&D capabilities and realize its business potential.

Among our solutions

  • R&D Incentives Advisory - assisting companies through governmental and international grant application processes, including locating funding sources and partners, educating on the latest trends in research, writing and submitting research proposals
  • Advisory on submitting applications for preliminary approval from the Tax Authority in accordance with the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law
  • Local Incentives Advisory - application for a variety of incentive tracks, including grants for: employment, tourism, energy efficiency, cyber, employee training, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining grants from the National Authority for Technological Innovation (formerly, the Chief Scientist) for R&D activities, energy efficiency and marketing activities
  • Advisory on incentives for companies operating abroad or setting up new activities - maximizing the sum and quality of local incentives in each and every country in the world

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Nadav Gil

Nadav Gil


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