Israel 2016 Rising Star winners


#1 Sckipio

Growth 2014-2015: 1586%

Founded in 2012, Sckipio is the first semiconductor company focused on the exciting new ITU standard, G.Fast. Headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, Sckipio was founded by a veteran team of communications experts with deep experience in broadband access and home networking solutions. Sckipio’s 50-person G.Fast team helped create many important communications standards including ADSL, VDSL, WiMax, LTE, WiFi, HomePNA, HomePlug,, G.Fast and MoCA.



#2 IT Central Station

Growth 2014-2015: 446%

IT Central Station is the leading product review site for enterprise technology. Reviews and user generated content first dominated in B2C (e.g. TripAdvisor, Yelp) and are now reaching the B2B tech market. IT Central Station's dramatic growth over the past two years has proven that it is disrupting the way budget is spent in the $3 trillion enterprise technology market. In the past year, 94% of the Fortune 100 have used IT Central Station reviews about SaaS, big data, cloud, cybersecurity, IoT, and more. IT Central Station customers include HPE, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and VMware. Its offices are based in Modiin (Israel) and NYC.

#3 Yotpo

Growth 2014-2015: 434%

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform for online businesses. Yotpo helps 200,000 businesses worldwide get tons of user-generated content -- like reviews, Q&A and photos -- and amplify it all over the web to drive traffic and increase sales. Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Google, HubSpot and more mean that Yotpo works with all the tools businesses are already using to grow. The company was founded in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen.



#4 Behalf

Growth 2014-2015: 357%

Behalf is an alternative financing provider, specializing in working capital credit for small business customers. The Behalf solution provides instant point of sale financing for purchases up to $50,000, pays merchants directly within 1 business day, then allows customers to create a flexible payment schedule on each individual transaction. By solving the availability of credit, the Behalf solution increases merchant sales and improves cash flow for both the merchant and their customers. Behalf customers can use their purchasing line throughout Behalf’s growing network of integrated partners, as well as at MasterCard accepting businesses. Behalf is headquartered in New York City with an office in Tel Aviv.

#5 Forter

Growth 2014-2015: 333%

Forter provides fully automated, real-time fraud decisions - a service that eliminates the need for rules, scores and manual reviews. The most accurate, scalable and forward-looking solution in the market, Forter enables fraud prevention to become frictionless and invisible to buyers, for more sales and happier customers at far lower cost.




#6 Datorama

Growth 2014-2015: 211%

Datorama is a data-agnostic Marketing Integration Engine that centralizes all of your marketing data and gives you control to analyze, experiment, report and take action on all that data in real time.


#7 AppsFlyer

Growth 2014-2015: 201%

AppsFlyer has emerged as the mobile measurement industry standard because it empowers advertisers with unbiased and transparent attribution analytics.



#8 Redis Labs

Growth 2014-2015: 192%

Redis Labs is the open source home and commercial provider of Redis, a database benchmarked as the world’s fastest. We are a Leader in the 2015 Gartner ODBMS Magic Quadrant.


#9 Lightricks

Growth 2014-2015: 155%

Lightricks is changing how the world creates content on mobile, bringing impeccably designed, state-of-the-art mobile technology to the hands of every user.


#10 Giraffic

Growth 2014-2015: 150%

Giraffic is the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA™) – a patented client-side video experience technology that complements the existing video delivery ecosystem. AVA network throughput optimization and video playback shaping technology enables consumer electronic (CE) devices and Content Providers’ Apps to deliver High Definition video, 4K and VR, without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. With 10’s of millions of devices in over 150 countries, Giraffic ground breaking AVA technology has become the de-facto standard on Smart TVs – in 1 of 3 Smart TVs that were shipped in 2015, and validated and adopted by the world’s leading manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung. Giraffic technology is now making ways into mobile devices, VR and apps, and is available in the next generation of CE devices, including Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, tablets and smartphones.

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