Innovation Tech Terminal – Connecting the world to innovation. 

Deloitte’s Innovation Tech Terminal (‘ITT’) is a platform connecting Israeli innovation with Deloitte’s global clients in response to the ever growing demand for global innovation and technology strategies. This collaboration between Deloitte’s US and Israeli practices allows clients to leverage the innovative technologies of Israel’s best and brightest startups. ITT is focused on curating innovation and facilitating relationships with the Israeli Startup Ecosystem by providing clients with Immersion Labs and Scouting Services into Israeli technology innovation.


The ITT utilizes the S3 approach, focused on Sensing, Scanning, and Scouting

Scouting Services

As part of the client’s innovation and growth strategy, the ITT team will periodically scan and introduce a variety of Israeli startups to the client. Process design includes a series of sessions with the global team and the ITT Practice in Israel, quarterly updates, Innovation Mapping Reports and an Immersion Lab in Israel, where the client meets with the innovative ecosystem and the selected startups. The scouting process enables the client to align or partner with, or acquire disruptive Israeli technology.


Scouting Services Process

Immersion Lab

 A carefully curated and tailored client experience, including visits to transformative startups, leading venture capitalists, R&D centers and government officials, providing deep dives into particular exponential technologies.


Innovation Mapping Report 

A review of high-tech innovation companies and technologies within the Israeli ecosystem that meet the screening criteria identified by Deloitte and the client. The report includes company overview, product analysis and technology assessment, all within the scope of the client’s needs.



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Amit Harel

Amit Harel

Innovation Tech Terminal Leader

Amit Harel is the Israeli leader of the Innovation Tech Terminal – Deloitte's Startups practice. Amit has a vast experience in the fields of Innovation, Technology and Disruption. Amit works closely w... More