Heldi Itzhak

Technology Strategy Architecture


Heldi Itzhak

Izhak Heldi is Lead Partner and a Co-Managing Director at Seker Deloitte Ltd.

Mr. Heldi has over 30 years of experience in guiding business organization through processes of change, especially on Strategy Formulation, Human Capital services, Restructuring, Planning and Control systems, including cost reduction and re-engineering.

His areas of specialization include:

  • Strategy Formulation - analyzing and characterizing the internal operation and resources including re-definition of processes, HR Transformation, organizational structures and operating methods.
  • Corporate Finance - analyzing and defining structures and processes in complex financial systems, including profit-center design, cost analysis systems, performance measurement etc.
  • Information Systems / IT Organizations - Strategic planning, high level design, portfolio management, assisting organizations in implementation of appropriate systems and processes.
  • Re-engineering of business processes for insurance firms, cellular operators, bank and financial institutes, universities etc.


Heldi Itzhak