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Dear alums, we are glad to be back with the latest news, views, and insights from Deloitte. In this issue, you can: keep a track of the latest events; know more about ex colleagues and their current work; and make a wellness plan that complements your dynamic schedule. Happy reading!

Deloitte news and views

Deloitte is pleased to present the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2018

In the run up to the awards, industry titans and jury members of the awards got together for a CEO Round table, to discuss the topic, “Spurring Equitable Growth: Role of Government, Technology and Business”. Deloitte was a part of the CEO round table, along with the jury members.

  • At the Deloitte CFO Conclave 2018, discussions centred on how CFOs are moving out of silos and are adopting a pragmatic approach to collaborate with businesses and reshape the future. Read more
  • Sanjesh Thakur, Partner, moderated a session on “Managing Customer Loyalty & Engagement for Omnichannel shopper” at the Retail CFO Summit 2018. View feed
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50: Currently in its 14th year in India, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program ranks fast growing technology companies based on percentage revenue growth over three years. Read more



Recent accolades and recognition

  • Deloitte India has been recognised as the Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year by International Tax Review. Read more
  • Deloitte included in Fortune’s Change the World list, recognised for developing and equipping today's workforce for tomorrow. Read more

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Here are some of the latest videos:


Chief Talent Officer, S.V. Nathan’s views on the importance of learning.

Shree Parthasarathy speaks about innovation transforming the future of the business.

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Words of wisdom

‘Invisible threads are the strongest ties.’

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Corporate mantra

  1. Set a goal: Keep daily goals for yourself, with an estimated time required to carry out that task.
  2. Plan ahead: Plan a general sequence of events taking place in a day, well in advance, in order to avoid any redundancy. Think about how to compartmentalise your work from urgent and complex, to routine and familiar. This will help optimise your time with each assignment.
  3. Choose compatible tasks: For e.g., choosing two assignments that need to be reviewed in a similar manner will create confusion. Instead, choosing dissimilar tasks, like one task that is physical and another that requires mental attention, will make for a better output.
  4. Use wait time efficiently: Has your manager been reviewing your work? Or are you waiting for your team mate to get back to you on something? Utilise this time to plan out the rest of the tasks for the day.
  5. Work proactively: Have you scheduled back-to-back meetings? Have an early start for setting up and preparation. Working ahead will help you save the time in between meetings.
  6. Schedule everything:  Calendarise your daily commitments, because it is often not possible to keep a mental track of everything. So leave the remembering part to the calendar and apply your energy judiciously.
  7. Allow extra time: Last minute interruptions are unavoidable and sometimes important. Factor in buffer time while planning for the day.


Multi-tasking: You can only do so much in any given twenty-four hours, unless you have figured out a way to get more time to your clock! Get more done in less time with these simple tips and tricks.

Take a break: Self realization - Maybe you feel like a having a master checklist for your multiple daily checklists. Maybe this tab is one of the many tabs open on your screen. It is likely that you have thought of taking a break many times over the course of the day, but parked the thought because there was something more important to do. But taking a break can be just as important. Keep reading to know more:

  1. Keeps the boredom away and thus, keeps you focussed: When you are in the middle of the task, you are completely attuned to it and the ideas and solutions flow naturally. But stretch beyond a certain productivity point and you will feel unfocussed and even irritable. To keep yourself vigilant, take a break! Did you know taking only a thirty-second break could improve your productivity to up to thirteen percent?
  2. Helps re-evaluate your goals: Take a step back and make sure you are accomplishing the right things in the right way. When you are continuously working on something, it is easy to lose track of the way forward. Brief breaks may help you keep track of the big picture and encourage you to be conscious of your objectives.
  3. Help us retain information: There should be a healthy combination of activities that utilises both sides of the brain – one side of which is used for abilities like writing, problem solving etc., and the other to carry out more relaxed activities like following up on tasks etc. It is important to understand that to optimise your productivity, using both sides is equally important.
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