SAP Asset Manager

Mobile extensions at the ready to support workers in the field

How can you give mobile workers flexible, full-featured digital tools that allow them to work seamlessly as part of the modern digital enterprise? And how can you tailor those tools to meet the specific needs of your business and your mobile workforce?

Adding to the power of a mobile solution

For many organizations, SAP® Asset Manager will be part of the picture—providing core mobile functionality to support the maintenance, service, and operation of enterprise assets. Now organizations can get a host of SAP Asset Manager extensions developed by Deloitte in collaboration with SAP.

These new SAP Asset Manager add-ons form part of the Deloitte Kinetic Extension Portfolio and can help address a range of needs for frontline asset management as well as back office and work oversight processes.

Deloitte’s Kinetic Extension Portfolio for SAP Asset Manager can help address use cases such as:

  • Dynamic work scheduling
  • Shift change analytics, including overtime alerts
  • Materials requisition, including automated purchase requests
  • Spare parts/inventory management
  • Intelligent process automation with machine learning
  • IoT-integrated applications for smart asset management
  • Augmented reality functionality for repairs, service, and training
  • HR administration, including leave requests and pay reports
  • Workforce training and education
  • Work collaboration, including live video chat
  • Offline/online work scenarios, with dynamic data synchronization

Connected for new capabilities

Need something special—something crafted to the unique needs of your business? Deloitte can also work with your organization to develop additional add-ons to address your specific requirements.

Contact us at to learn more about our capabilities with SAP Asset Manager or to get additional insights that can help you reimagine mobility.

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