State of AI in India

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field of data science that educates computers to learn from experience, has been evolving for more than 60 years. In the past few years, both Indian private and public sector companies and the central and state governments have invested in multiple AI use cases across diverse application areas. In fact, AI is already transforming the operational, functional, and strategic landscapes within various industry sectors. The scope and role of AI is also expanding. Organisations are infusing more of their enterprise applications and processes across functions with AI.

Our survey of executives from different industries, driving AI initiatives within organisations of various sizes, helps us assess the extent and nature of use of AI technologies across such organisations. We also attempt to understand the impact of AI on the people and processes at these organisations, their preparedness for various associated risks, and the benefits they expect or have achieved from AI.

This report shares the most significant insights from this survey and a glimpse of the overall state of AI in India.

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