Government Trends 2023

Deloitte Insights

In this age of discontinuity, collaboration has become the keyword. As more and more organisations and governments across the world begin to harbour and share values and outcomes, extensive collaboration becomes significant and integral to creating and delivering value.

To achieve these shared objectives and outcomes, governments and their agencies are today embracing a massive transformation, both in thought and practice, by letting go of hierarchies and boundaries and eliminating silos in favour of building networks. Governments are taking adequate measures to encourage intra-governmental collaboration and invest in and expand the public-private ecosystem today.

In this year's edition of our "Government trends 2023" report, we are here to take you through six ongoing paradigm shifts that have emerged as factors behind this phenomenal transition in the government's approach towards delivering public value. The report also extensively covers nine colossal and transformational trends related to the overall and long-established pattern of cross-boundary collaboration reshaping governments. These trends are enabling governments to bring down the walls and establish a connection with those across and outside the government to make the outcomes more effective and meaningful for the public at large.

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