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IMPACT Day 2014

Deloitte celebrates IMPACT Day on 28 November 2014

At Deloitte, acting as responsible business citizens is one of our core beliefs. We recognize that as individuals and as an organization, we must contribute to our communities and the larger business world in which we live and work. On IMPACT Day, we take the opportunity to celebrate Corporate Social Responsibility because it not only helps us act as responsible business citizens, but also complements our culture and leadership potential. We firmly believe in the fact: ‘Community – It’s our business.’

Key messages:

Three things that differentiate Deloitte’s approach to community involvement are:

a. Skills-based volunteerism for sustainable impact

b. Collaboration with non-profits

c. Commitment to Community being central to who we are as an organization and being integral to the growth of our professionals as leaders

What is IMPACT Day?

Every year tens of thousands of Deloitte professionals team up across different cities and spend one entire working day serving our communities. This is a celebration of what we do year-round for our communities.

Why do we do this?

Deloitte is strongly committed to positive societal change. Community Involvement drives measurable change in our communities, inspires our actions as societal change makers and instills great pride in knowing that what we do best — applying our skills and experience — accelerates positive, societal impact.

How do we do this?

Deloitte’s 12-year old Community Involvement strategy employs a six-pronged approach each multiplying the impact of the other initiative to create meaningful and sustainable change. These include

·  Celebrating and advocating our responsibility towards the community: IMPACT Day

·  Strengthening our impact with year-round efforts : Year-round volunteer projects

·  Strengthening those at the forefront of change (Nonprofits): Deloitte Center for Leadership and Community

·  Providing our financial support - investing where it matters the most: Employee Giving Program and Strategic donations

·  Extending our client services to our communities: Pro Bono.

How does it help our professionals?

Apart from providing our professionals with a platform to invest their passion for social change into meaningful opportunities, volunteering help us nurture and practice leadership skills in our people. It gives them an opportunity to demonstrate and grow their abilities and employ creative problem solving that is directly applicable to their jobs

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