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Our commitment to supplier diversity

Going ALL IN for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our ecosystem

Deloitte is committed to the advancement of small, disadvantaged, and diverse businesses as a vital contributor to the success of the organisation, clients, and the communities we operate in. Diversity of experience, skills, expertise, opinions, and talent is a key factor in adding richness and strengths to the business solutions we provide.

Extending this belief to our supply chain network, we are committed to broadening our supplier base by working with a diverse group of vendors who offer value-added services, high standards of quality, innovative solutions, and place a premium on client service. Our goal is to celebrate the unique strengths and advantages of these businesses and create opportunities for their economic development, with an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Who are diverse suppliers?
Deloitte seeks small and diverse suppliers of numerous types, as designated by central, state, and local governments, and industry organisations. A diverse supplier is a for-profit organisation in which more than 51% is controlled, owned, or operated by people including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • People with a permanent physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of such persons’ major life activities
  • LGBT+ community
  • Veterans of India’s armed forces
  • Underrepresented groups covered by affirmative action policies of the Government of India

How are suppliers sourced?
Deloitte maintains relationships with hundreds of qualified suppliers across all industries, with diverse backgrounds and capabilities. Our procurement team works to identify, source, and on-board strategic suppliers from various sources such as the following:

  1. Direct empanelment: Vendors directly approaching the firm and sharing their credentials
  2. Aggregators: Organisations who maintain a repository of suppliers from under-represented groups
  3. Government and semi-government offices: Agencies that source suppliers with services background
  4. Market research: Suppliers referred by other industry peers; information received through common databases, etc.

Deloitte strongly believes in providing equal opportunity to all suppliers regardless of their gender, age, race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, other legally protected basis, in accordance with all applicable central, state, and local laws or regulations. Although these diverse suppliers would be of prime importance to Deloitte and would be preferred, it is necessary that all suppliers comply to all risk, legal, and technical requirements of Deloitte.

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