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Economics solutions and offerings

Our Economics team provides detailed insights into the macroeconomic landscape, with a focus on India. We use rigorous analysis and forecasts to help stakeholders obtain an informed perspective on critical Indian and global economic issues that can impact business and policy.

Currently our team comprises members specialising in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and finance. The team builds and maintains event-based analysis like impact of Brexit and demonetisation, analysis on key macroeconomic updates, tailored industry studies, microeconomic analysis including forecasts for company specific issues, monthly economic monitor for India, analysis of key policy proposals like the central budget, contributing to India view in regional/global publications.

Deloitte Global Economist Network

Bringing sophisticated analysis to complex industry-based questions

The Deloitte Global Economist Network is a diverse group of economists that produce relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content for external and internal audiences. Visit this page to know more about economics practices across Deloitte member firms.

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Anis Chakravarty

Anis Chakravarty

Partner and Lead Economist

Anis Chakravarty is a partner and lead economist with Deloitte India. He brings significant experience in advising companies in the European Union, India and the United States on a number of issues re... More

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta

Senior Director and Senior Economist

Richa is a Senior Director and Senior Economist, and is one of the leads for the Economics practice at Deloitte in India. She contributes regularly via media interactions on changes in monetary policy... More