Life at Deloitte

Giving recognition where it’s due

It is the dedication of our people that grows our business. So, what do we do to foster a culture of appreciation?

It is always good to know that your good work is being noticed, appreciated, and rewarded. It does not necessarily need to be a reward in the traditional sense, and could even extend to sharing a colleague’s achievement on email with the rest of the team, or a “thank you” to anyone who has made a positive difference to you. This is what we mean by a “culture of appreciation” and we try to imbibe it in each of our professionals.

Recognition from leaders

It is a matter of great pride for growing professionals to be appreciated by the organisation’s leaders, in an organisation-wide forum. This is in line with our aim to recognise exemplary achievements.

Going social with recognition
In the age of likes and shares, we have embraced the increasingly interconnected culture through a recognition platform that is available online and as an app, and works quite like a social media portal, enabling instant recognition for consistent efforts.

Small acts that make a big difference
We always have someone supporting and helping us in our journey towards excellence. Expressing our gratitude to those who guide us and help us achieve our goals is equally important.

Deloitte’s annual Appreciation Week is a chance for our professionals to do just that. It is a spirit of thanks giving for leaders, team members, colleagues, and mentors in the organisation.

Celebrations are a family affair

Success can never be achieved solely. It is the result of hard work, but also, the support of a caring family. Keeping this in mind, we take great pleasure in personally congratulating families, when our people are promoted, or for milestones like clearing the CA exams.

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