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We, at Deloitte India, are happy to share your achievements, developments, and new challenges that you have taken up with every Deloitte employee and alumni.

June 2017

With this edition of AlumD Broadcast, we introduce a new campaign to know what you feel about Deloitte and its people. Named, “People that Inspire”, in this campaign, we would love to read about your experiences describing which person/people made an impact on you while you were at Deloitte and how did that help or motivate you in your life. You can write us back for the same at to help us feature you in the upcoming newsletters and in our network.

May 2017

This issue includes news about Deloitte, our alumni, and also what our alumni have to say about Deloitte. Also, we are introducing our monthly Alumni newsletter with a new name to it: the 'AlumD Broadcast'.

April 2017

In this issue, we will talk about how Deloitte is setting the standard for appraisals. Deloitte has launched Reinventing Performance Management (RPM) which is a system that is hallmarked by speed, agility, engagement, and the one-size-fits-one approach. We will also tell you how we, at Deloitte, celebrated International Women's Day by conducting interesting activities and sessions. We hosted 40 deans from India's premier institutes and engaged them in a dialog with Deloitte leadership and eminent personalities at Deloitte Deans Summit 2017. Apart from all these, we have a section on what our alums have to say about Deloitte.

March 2017

'Going cashless' is an inevitable transition that both individuals and businesses are embracing. While the advantages of digitization are well known, some of the fraud risks and security issues around digitization need to be discussed for a better transition experience. We are organizing a series of knowledge sessions where you are invited to listen to experts and learn more about the fraud vulnerabilities of going cashless.

Join us for a webcast to understand how you can take advantage of the digitization paradigm, while staying protected from the associated fraud risks.

February 2017

Deloitte India had organized webcasts on the impact of Union Budget 2017, we thank all our alumni for their overwhelming response. Also, know about the Partners who have joined us, and listen to what Akhil Gandhi, an alumni, has to say about Deloitte.

January 2017

Deloitte India has organised industry sessions on 3 February 2017 to discuss in detail the impact of the Union Budget on various industries. The speakers will be subject matter experts and industry specialists from Deloitte.

December 2016

"Deloitte makes an impact that matters because Deloitte colleagues make an impact that matters." -Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO

November 2016

This month, the newsletter will celebrate our colleagues – their thoughts, views and comments, and the impact they are making. This edition will also update you with our stories and news releases.

October 2016

In this newsletter, we will share with you some stories about us, and give you a glimpse of what our Alums have to say –“3 Cool things that I love about Deloitte!”

September 2016

In this edition of our newsletter, we are pleased to present to you another platform which will help us stay connected with you – Alumni page for the Deloitte member firm in India. We have put together for you latest news, insightful articles, career resources and accolades earned by the firm. We hope you will find the content interesting!

August 2016

It is always a pleasure to share with you our achievements, developments and the new challenges that we have taken up at Deloitte member firm in India! We have developed valuable content to focus exclusively on the news and event that would be interesting for you. We are delighted to share that Deloitte has been chosen as one of the best companies in the world at attracting and keeping top talent.

July 2016

We bring to you your gateway to making connections, exploring opportunities and most importantly, staying in touch! While we are in the midst of crafting some surprises for you in the revamped Alumni program, we would like to invite you to be a part of our journey.

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