deloitte alumni campaign three cool things

Life at Deloitte

Insights: Three cool things about Deloitte

Deloitte and its culture

Deloitte Alumni Program is all about what you feel about Deloitte and its culture. What you miss about Deloitte the most and its people. It’s all about you and you experience while you were at Deloitte.

  • G. Vamsheshwar Rao

1.    Leadership

2.    Work culture

3.    The brand

  • Vineel Kumar

1.    Scope

2.    Travel

3.    Diversification

  • Dhiraj Dev Phukan

1.    Adapting to situations, it molded me to who I am today

2.    I learnt how a brand is developed like the green dot campaign was an eye opener

3.    Faith, because everyone believed in me and the work that I did

  • Divya Gadhok

1.    Importance of People who make such an organisation worth it

2.    Working culture helped me maintain a good work-life balance

3.    Learning, a lot from the organisation professionally and personally

  • Sakshi Khanna

1.    The brand

2.    People

3.    Rich culture

  • Yusuf Vohara

1.    Professionalism

2.    Brand

3.    Team spirit

  • Preeti Agarwal

1.    Very friendly environment conducive to working

2.    Clientele base is vast 

3.    Seniors quite cooperative

  • Kishore Khanchandani

1.    Brand value

2.    Sense of responsibility

3.    Learning

  • Rethisha Jain Kummar

1.    Individual recognition

2.    Best work culture

3.    Professionalism

  • Azmathali Baig

1.    Professional growth

2.    Training sessions (to nurture employees)

3.    Outstanding environment

  • Chandra Shekhar Rameneni 

1.    Mentoring

2.    Work-life balance

3.    Awesome training sessions

  • Surbhi Mehta

1.    Work culture

2.    Work-life balance

3.    Continuous development through skill-based trainings

  • Yogesh Joshi

1.    Brand association

2.    Exposure to best of the client environments

3.    To & fro knowledge sharing with colleagues

  • Mayank Agarwal

1.    Deloitte brand makes an impact that matters

2.    Learning was my earning

3.    Young force 

  • Ayshu Varsha

1.    Independence to experiment and fail even at the most junior level

2.    Transformation of personality: From a mere employee to a passionate leader

3.    Value of opinion and astounding team execution

  • Rashmi Ranjan Behera

1.    Focus on learning: Deloitte provides excellent learning opportunities

2.    Access to Senior Leadership: Employees can interact with seniors

3.    Focus on employees and society: making an impact that matters for the society

  • Rizwan Sheriff

1.    Exhaustive tools and resources for professional development

2.    Best in class client profile and exposure

3.    Market reputation and Brand image of the organization

  • Shamobanti Chatterji

1.    It provides the opportunity to grow professionally

2.    Team bonding and off course

3.    The innovative culture: Deloitte organizes different events in the workplace and tries to make the workplace a fun place too

  • Kaushik Desai

1.    Work-life balance: Deloitte has the best work-life balance as compared to its competitors

2.    Continuous Staff development and trainings

3.    Deloitte is like a family

  • Nancy Kapoor

1.    Warm people

2.    Work-life balance

3.    Diversity

  • Ajith Thambi

1.    Diversified Clients

2.    Great long term Client Relationship

3.    Sound team members

  • AyodhyaRam Mohanthy

1.   Freedom for doing anything is encouraged

2.   Focused on Deliverables! Not you’re in/out time

3.   Personal satisfaction

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