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People who made an impact

A new campaign to know what you feel about Deloitte and its people called, 'People that Inspire', to know which person/people made an Impact on you while you were at Deloitte and how did that help or motivate you in your life.

  • Srikumar, V., Bengaluru

He has been very strong on all of his subject matters always. Being a dynamic personality, he handles his positions very efficiently while he us capable of handling things more than he could. Along with being a CA, he keeps himself globally active too. He handles the taxation services well while moving in his expertise.

By: Nadir Shah – Internal Firm Services.

  • Risk Advisory

I was given adequate technical and admin knowledge by my peers and team specially Kedar Sawle’s team. I worked with him for two years and then decided to shift to help my husband in his business.

I could definitely see a change in my oral and written business communication, handling peers and credit for developing my personality. The credit for developing my presentation skills and client interaction goes to Kedar Sawle as he was very particular with his emails and communication and I attuned accordingly.

By: Chitra Chandok Oberoi – Risk Advisory

  • P. S. Easwaran

The person who motivated me the most while I worked with Deloitte was P.Ishwaran. He was always good with all clients. Never had a trouble facing clients and also valued them. He was very natural at the impromptu business discussions.Because he was with Deloitte since a long time, he knew a lot about the firm. He had a natural flair at discussions and complex scenarios. He was demanding on people which brought the best of people while he himself stayed late hours fixing things.

By: Deepak Dalal- Consulting

  • Alok Chaturvedi and Arijit Mukherjee

While I was in Deloitte for 2.5 years, I was deeply inspired by Alok Chaturvedi and Arijit Mukherjee. These two colleagues exhibited real professionalism, discipline, etiquette, calm state of mind in difficult situations and could overcome those problems while absorbing most of the pressure themselves, without passing it on to other team members.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful lesson. Hope to work with you again.

By: Rakesh Singhi – Audit & Assurance

  • Ajay Minocha

I joined as an EA to Ajay Minocha in 2010 and I was there with him till 2014. He groomed me to become a true professional for the job that I was supposed to do. He showed his confidence, gave me ample opportunities to learn by myself and through his coaching. His continuous guidance and feedback helped me to overcome my fears and provided a comfortable environment where I excelled at the role. Apart from the professional conduct, the values I learned while working with him made a great impact on my personal life. He is a true motivator, valued leader and human being. His professionalism not only helped me, it also helped those folks who were just fresh graduates and were starting their career. He believed in learning, growth, success and that with the team. Very few leaders bear the burden of their team and take it to the next level.

I still remember his words – chase your dreams until you live those in real and never stop dreaming.

By: Lokesh Tomar – Risk Advisory

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