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Preparing for an interview

Here are some useful tips for when you take the first step towards a future with a probable employer.

Be honest
Honesty is still the best policy. It is all right if you do not know the answer to a question, and it is acceptable to take a moment to gather your thoughts before you answer. However, do not falsify information.

Be enthusiastic
If the prospect of the job excites you, let your enthusiasm show. Your interviewer can differentiate an honest attempt, from a half – hearted one.

Be confident
You have applied for a vacant position, because you know you can do it justice. While being nervous is natural, answer questions with confidence. It is a skill that is useful in day-to-day interactions at the workplace, which makes it valued.

Be humble
It is good to be proud of your achievements. However, do not let pride come across as arrogance. Also, while speaking, do not indulge in jargon, or unnecessarily flowery language.

Be punctual
Be a few minutes early if it helps you compose yourself for the interview. Do not lose your patience in case the interviewer is late. While being late is not acceptable behaviour for anyone, this could just be a test.

Be observant
Read about the organisation beforehand. Up to an acceptable degree, try to know who your interviewer is. As you wait your turn, observe things about the office. You may be asked questions about what you observed about the organisation’s culture, or brand.

Be acquainted with yourself
While it may seem an obvious tip, many falter when it comes to talking about themselves. If needed, pen down your strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions, as your prepare. It is a question that comes up often.

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