Tips for making a resume

It is the first assessment that someone makes of you, as you apply for a job. Go through these handy tips, before you submit your resume.

Have a good cover letter

There are probably many others applying for the same vacancy as you. What sets you apart, and what can you bring to the table? Incorporate these and other points in a crisp, well-thought cover letter. This is your pitch to a probable employer. Make it matter.

One size does not fit all

Every job has its unique elements. Go through the job description and take the effort to tailor your resume to that. Highlight the most relevant skills.

Make information consumable

Keep your resume neat, with concise points about your background. Clutter is distracting, and probably will not work in your favour.

Make them curious

Make the person across the table curious to know more about you. Keep the information in your resume complete, but keep more specific details as talk points for the interview.

Keep it current

Each time you have an achievement to highlight, promptly edit your resume. It can only do you good. This extends to correspondence addresses, contact information, and references.

Be honest

Do not exaggerate your credentials, or assume that a certain information can escape scrutiny. It is the age of information after all!