Deloitte State of the Consumer Tracker finds Consumer behaviour Trends 2021

Consumer behaviour trends post covid

Indian consumer is now less anxious and more confident

The COVID-19 pandemic led to consumers grappling with challenges related to two intertwined factors—personal health and financial well-being. As the economies of the world navigate COVID-19, the relationship between personal safety and economic vulnerability will define consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. 

The Deloitte Consumer Industry Center has been conducting surveys for over a year with wave1 being initiated on Apr 15, 2020 last year. Around 18 countries globally of which India has been a part, have contributed to this major initiative to better understand the interplay between current consumer mindset, their buying behaviours as well specific drivers of anxiety, safety, financial challenges, brand preferences, e-commerce shifts, and more. 

As we kick-off the Tracker 2.0 with our wave20, we saw Indian consumers showing signs of reduced anxiety bringing consumer confidence and positivity in view of the upcoming festivities.

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