Building Manufacturing, Building India

Harnessing Industry 4.0 to engage customers

About 50 percent of S&P 500 firms will likely be replaced over the next 10 years due to new digital disruptors and inability of established firms to reinvent themselves.

Across all stages of the customer journey, advanced digital technologies are creating new opportunities for innovation and growth, and producing novel ways to improve and customize the customer experience. This digitally driven evolution—which lays the foundation for what Deloitte calls the digital manufacturing enterprise (DME)—is enabled by the rise of Industry 4.0.

In Industry 4.0, manufacturing systems and the objects they create are not just connected, drawing information from the physical world into the digital realm. Instead, Industry 4.0 takes this concept one step further: That digital information is then analyzed and used to drive further intelligent action in the physical world, completing a physical-to-digitalto-physical loop of action and informed reaction.

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