Trend-setting millennials

Redefining the consumer story

The India consumer story has been buoyant. It has redefined the basics and raised the bar for the next generation consumer. The consumer has an ever changing behavioural pattern which is tough to fathom.

Companies try various ways to calibrate this behavioural pattern of the consumer. One of the ways is to place young talent in the form of millennials at the forefront of retail organisations. Gen Z and Gen Y are the most important cohorts that lay out the future trends for consumers in their shopping journey.

Retail organisations have been constantly on the growth trajectory which is coupled with personalised marketing, tailor-made solutions, and a new shopping experience for customers. These strategies are analysed in this report. In order to achieve this, it becomes incumbent for these organisations to engage with the next generation of consumers to join their front-end operations as these individuals are best placed to resonate with the Next-gen.

The report ends with a message that this is only a passing phenomenon for the retailers who are refocusing their strategy around consumers and aspiring to increase their market share in the growing consumer sector of the country.

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