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Interpret results in business-context way. Enable them through a set of differentiated technologies. Take the next step with AnalyticsNeXT!

AnalyticsNeXT: Every ThinK Smart

About the event

In an ever-changing world of business, what is getting hyped in the technological advancements? Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other terms are becoming pervasive. Do they really help the core business questions or issues that are stalling the progress?

AnalyticsNeXT looks at a series of business issues—
  • How are organizations using the data to provide holistic services to their customers?
  • How devices are enriching supply chains?
  • How do you assess the impact of that next big risk issue that may stall your growth plans?
  • Data, organization, and technology have to work together to make it happen—but how? 

Have a quick glance at this short video on AnalyticsNeXT above.

Venue: Hotel Shangri-La

Time and date: 18 September 2017, 9 a.m.