The Challenge of Renaissance

Managing an unprecedented wave of oil and gas investment

Realizing the potential of the North America energy renaissance requires tremendous investment and astute project management, especially at a time when the industry is developing midstream infrastructure to support oil and gas production from new producing areas; being pushed to develop deepwater resources; and, competing for increasingly scarce talent. And, all of this activity is occurring while the industry is investing to add value via liquefied natural gas exports, expansion of petrochemical capacity and gas-to-liquids facilities.

The oil and gas industry has entered an unparalleled period of capital investment and finds itself racing to invest the capital needed to support this renaissance.

  • How are companies managing the unprecedented number of concurrent megaprojects in North America and around the world?
  • How are companies using data analytics to identify early warning signs of project failures?
  • What strategies can be used to attract, retain and develop the talent needed to execute large capital projects?

This report reveals the insights of Deloitte Capital Projects specialists on the variety and magnitude of the key challenges the industry needs to address to capitalize on the opportunities of their successes.

The Challenge of Renaissance
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