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CFO Perspectives 2017

Hear insights and perspectives from thought leaders and CFO peers

CFO Perspectives – October 2017

CFO speaks: With technology, every status quo is being challenged. In the last 5 years we have seen computers shrinking and becoming more efficient. Technology is changing rapidly and we do not know what will happen in the next 5 years.

Expert views: India will account for more than half of the increase in Asia’s workforce in the coming decade, but this isn’t just a story of more workers: these new workers will be much better trained and educated than the existing Indian workforce, and there will be rising economic potential coming alongside that, thanks to an increased share of women in the workforce, as well as an increased ability and interest in working for longer. The consequences for businesses are huge.

CFO Perspectives – September 2017

CFO speaks: Disruption is good; it has helped us to re-model, re-focus, and innovate.

Expert views: Within the digital payment ecosystem, the mobile wallets have played a crucial role in processing digital transactions, especially after the announcement on demonetization by the Indian government last year.

CFO Perspectives – August 2017

CFO speaks: We work in a business environment where finance has a very critical role to play. In addition to the basic accounting, control and governance functions, we have enhanced our role by becoming effective partners to the business heads thereby helping optimize operational efficiency.

Expert views: The Financial sector space in India is experiencing seismic shifts. Technology has been a key enabler in this transformation, but its pace has not been commensurate with its potential, and this has limited the penetration of financial services in the country.

CFO Perspectives – July 2017

CFO speaks: In any business risks are inevitable but what is important is to keep them within manageable limits to sustain growth. It is important to “design and create the right processes to improve the speed and efficiency of the service delivery by the finance organization”.

Expert views: Financial crime is not just an event – a thing that happens. It’s a constant pressure – a risk that’s present at different stages in every part of financial services and corporate organizations. Compliance-based approaches addressing particular risks in a siloed or piecemeal fashion need to give way to holistic approaches that look at many types of financial crime risk across the multiple lines of business within the organization.

CFO Perspectives – June 2017

CFO speaks: “Data is the oil of the future” and many players are swiftly developing capabilities of using this data efficiently to gain an edge in their business. We need to transform and think differently for the future.

Expert views: The rate of technological change is so fast that our ability to understand the implications of it has never been so important. Start-up companies unburdened by inertia or market expectations are growing faster than ever and challenging incumbents.


CFO Perspectives – May 2017

CFO speaks: Every organization has to constantly evolve its operations and processes to maintain or improve the profitability and stay ahead of the changing environment and variables. One should not isolate Finance and Operations because every action has a financial and operational implication.

Expert views: India has sought to address the issues relating to tax avoidance and evasion by bringing in General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) in addition to various transaction-specific Special Anti- Avoidance provisions. Deloitte India answers some simple but key questions about GAAR.

CFO Perspectives – April 2017

CFO speaks: “My success mantra is—always believe in empowering your team by giving them the right degree of freedom. It will inculcate a sense of belongingness in your team. Invest in developing yourself and your team through structured training and cross-functional exposure.”

Expert views: The world is changing faster than anyone could have envisioned at the beginning of the 21st century. With technology at the forefront of every disruption across industries today, every element of an organization’s business model is being challenged.

RPA is a technology that mimics the actions of a human performing simple rule-based processes. It interacts at the application/interface layer of any application and performs the exact steps just like anyone working across multiple applications.

CFO Perspectives – March 2017

CFO speaks: Winner is the one who is able to bring good price for products and services to the customers, along with a ‘wow’ customer experience.

Expert views: Deloitte India predicts that in 2017, mobile and digital payments will finally overtake physical card payments as the predominant non-cash payment mode. The use of cards has grown significantly in the past few years.

CFO Perspectives – February 2017

CFO speaks: Budget for the infrastructure segment has been positive and adequate thrust has been given to the much required low cost housing and funding for the infra projects. The game changer for the infrastructure segment could be availability of longer term hedging instruments and preferred rates for better rated institutions.

Expert views: Corporate India believes fraud will rise in the coming years, according to majority of respondents to the India Fraud Survey, Edition II, by Deloitte. About 70 of respondents representing large organizations (multinationals and domestic companies), 54% of respondents representing small and medium enterprises, and 65% of working professionals indicated corporate fraud would rise in the future.

CFO Perspectives – January 2017

CFO speaks: In coming times, the rationalization of tax structure and government revenues from taxation are also expected to go up. Demonetization will also be a big boost to GST implementation, as majority of informal sector will now tend to be accountable to a greater extent.

Expert views: The risk landscape is changing fast. Headlines bring new reminders that the future is on its way, and sometimes it feels like new risks and response strategies are around every corner. The outlines of new opportunities and new challenges for risk leaders—indeed, all organizational leaders—are already visible. So what should leaders prepare for?

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