Thriving in chaos and driving change future CFO


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Thriving in chaos and driving change

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As the waves of change continually hit business in the form of changing regulations, new technologies, and the evolving social environment; the role of a CFO has changed from that of an accounting professional to a business strategist. Automation and technology is rapidly advancing to replace human interaction. Analytics has become an integral input to the CFO to understand future trends and help build growth plans for the organization.

The report brings out the multiple disruptions which a business faces in the current environment and how a CFO needs to tackle these changes to create value for the business. It also discusses the importance of bringing together the aspects of inclusive growth, technological changes, and the impact of one of the most significant regulations in Indian history, GST, and how all these factors are challenging CFOs in doing their job well.

The report was released at CII’s 10th CFO Summit 2017.

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