Procurement Fraud Risk Score

A self-assessment questionnaire

A self-assessment questionnaire to understand your preparedness to tackle fraud, misconduct and non-compliance in the procurement function.

Procurement fraud remains the most prevalent fraud risk across industries and organizations of varying sizes and operations. The Deloitte India Fraud Survey, released in 2014, highlighted this aspect by identifying theft/ diversion of goods or funds as one among the top three frauds encountered by organizations in India.

To help organizations self-assess their vulnerability to procurement fraud, Deloitte Forensic has developed a secure web-based tool that will allow Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs), Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) understand their organizations’ preparedness to tackle fraud, misconduct and noncompliance in the procurement function.

As part of this assessment, you will be required to respond to 14 questions. Upon submitting the questionnaire, you will be asked to share your contact details for our reference. Meanwhile, our back-end systems will carry out a quick analysis and your Procurement Fraud Risk Score will be displayed on the screen, along with our key recommendations of actions that can be taken to improve the score.

All the information sought in the questionnaire is confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to generate your Procurement Fraud Risk Score.

You may take the assessment here.

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