Reactive Forensic Solutions

Deloitte India's Reactive Forensic Solutions help companies in containing the extent of fraud and malpractice that has occurred, extending support to plug gaps in processes and controls, and suggesting remedial action.

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Computer Forensics

It takes special skills, techniques and technology to find, gather and preserve digital evidence. Without rigorous data capture and discovery technique, crucial evidence could be lost in an internal investigation or potential litigation.

Forensic Data Analytics

Using analytics in new ways to predict future outcomes can help your company mitigate several key risk areas and reduce the possibility of the occurrence of a hindrance. Deloitte brings a big-picture approach to analytics combining deep industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities and a high degree of technical sophistication.

Litigation support and Dispute Resolution Advisory  

The rapid pace and complex manner in which commercial transactions between corporates are conducted has resulted in a large amount of litigation and disputes. To overcome such issues, experienced litigators require the support of dispute consulting professionals who can provide valuable financial insight and identify relevant risks.

End Use Monitoring  

Banks are required to review and manage the lending activity at each and every stage of a ‘customer loan cycle’. Our team can assist in the effective monitoring of the end-use of funds thereby acting as a deterrent for borrowers to misuse the loan amount and safeguarding the bank’s interest.

Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud Investigation

Our Corporate Investigations practice helps companies assess allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement and respond to government regulator requests. Clients come to us for help when they need to respond to allegations or prevent or detect potential problems before they occur.

Economics and Regulation: Anti-trust and Competition services

Preventing sexual harassment: Helping build a safer work environment

Cyber Incident Response

Exit Management Services


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