Anti-bribery and Corruption (ABC) Services

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) services

Helping organisations strengthen their compliance framework

Bribery and corruption remain a significant fraud risk for businesses across the world. About two-thirds of all frauds reported in India tend to have a corruption angle. The cost of corruption is estimated to be five percent of the global GDP (US$3.6 trillion), with over US$1 trillion paid in bribes each year.

Prosecutors and regulators across the globe are becoming increasingly active in enforcing anti-corruption legislation. With the recent upward trend in corruption cases, combined with the changing regulatory landscape, governance standards, stakeholder expectations, and public sentiments around bribery and corruption, organisations and compliance officers need to relook at their compliance framework and establish a robust anti-corruption programme.

Organisations are not only required to ensure ABC legal compliances apply to them but also prevent the likelihood of reputation or financial damages due to bribery or corruption-driven incidents. They should take a proactive approach to create an ethical environment within the organisation.

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