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Digital Forensic & e-Discovery Services

We can support forensic data collection requests – for recovery, review, and analysis of electronic data - for corporate clients, law enforcement agencies, and legal practitioners through our labs in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Our capabilities include:

  • The ability to acquire and decrypt evidence from a wide variety of data sources including mobile phones, tablets, computer systems, servers, and virtual environments.
  • Use of leading digital forensic and e-Discovery technologies.
  • Strong decryption capabilities to image disks encrypted using endpoint encryption.
  • Use of leading platforms to process and review terabytes of data through search filters, keyword searches, and other review techniques that ensure de-duplication.
  • The ability to perform advanced disk interrogations to identify and recover deleted partitions and carve unallocated clusters to recover deleted data.
  • Redaction and legal production of documents.

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