Public perception of Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance efforts

Deloitte Forensic (India) survey

This survey was conducted to understand the public perception of anti-bribery and corruption compliance efforts and to explore whether an approach led by employee activism on the issue of bribery and corruption compliance can provide some ‘food for thought’ to organizations. It also attempts to cover what employees, in their individual capacity, feel about their organization’s anti-bribery and corruption compliance efforts as well as seeks their views on how they can support their organization’s efforts towards managing this risk.

Expectations from organizations are rising and stakeholders are demanding a commitment towards ethical business dealings across the spectrum. Several Indian organizations in the last few years have slowly started amending their position and credo to incorporate provisions to mitigate the risks of anti-bribery and corruption.
Additionally, the large number of corporate scams reported in the media appears to have impacted the conscience of employees. This is reflected in the results of our survey with 88 percent of the respondents having said that they would not feel comfortable working for a company perceived to be indulging in corrupt practices. Further, close to 80 percent said they would refuse to pay a bribe in the official capacity, as it would be against their personal ethics or would violate their company’s policies.

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