A survey report on tackling inefficiencies, mismanagement and fraud in the developmental sector

What are the four key measures that can enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the development sector?

The role of multilateral and bilateral international organisations, not-for-profit organisations (NPO’s), and large foundations in India have expanded over the last decade. India is uniquely positioned, having created a regulatory regime to monitor private sector participation in India’s development landscape by introducing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance norms in the Companies Act, 2013. While there has been considerable progress, the system for implementing projects in the developmental sector also tends to be exposed to vulnerabilities, making it susceptible to inefficiencies, irregularities and fraud. This survey report provides perspectives on how organisations mitigate the risk of mismanagement and misconduct in social sector deployments, with a specific focus on the following aspects:

  • The presence and implementation of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) programs within the development sector ecosystem;
  • Key measures adopted by organisations for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of implementations;
  • Levels of regulatory compliance among organisations, where applicable; and
  • Level of preparedness of organisations in pro-actively preventing frauds and mitigating associated risks.
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