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Forensic Services

Banks are facing a difficult scenario with increased fraud incidents and low recoveries compounded by a tidal wave of compliance regulations in India and abroad, thereby directly affecting their bottom-line. This calls for setting up a foolproof Fraud Risk Management (FRM) system.


Navigating the risk based supervision process

Learn about RBI's revamped supervision process and get a perspective on the holistic approach that could be taken by the banks to integrate the supervisory process with the internal control systems and internal capital adequacy assessment processes.


RBI guidelines for setting up of Wholly Owned subsidiaries by foreign banks in India

Gather a detailed perspective on the RBI guidelines for setting up of Wholly Owned subsidiaries by foreign banks in India


Regulatory framework for securitization or reconstruction companies

RBI has revised the guidelines for both the Asset Reconstruction Companies and the Banks selling to them in order to have a balanced environment with more focus on the type of asset quality that is being transferred to them and also the valuation methodology around the same.


RBI Guidelines for New Private Banks

This document summarizes the key tenets proposed in the guidelines and provides Deloitte view on implications and observations of these guidelines for banking sector aspirants.

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Deloitte Analytics

Financial services Learn how organisations have applied analytics to better understand the present, and more accurately predict the future.


Regulatory Impact Assessment

Deloitte India's monthly update on Regulatory Assessment Impact contains a round-up of RBI guidelines in the banking industry, covering various themes useful to stakeholders of the Financial Services industry.