Future of Work accelerated: Learnings from the COVID 19 Pandemic

The publication talks about the seven key learnings relevant to the acceleration of 'Future of Work' in India, during these ongoing times of COVID-19 outbreak. It also describes about what a COVID-adjusted strategy could look like for any organisation which is looking to embrace the 'Future of Work.'

Synopsis of our publication

As the world copes with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, India Inc. too, has been working overtime, formulating its response to the crisis. With government regulations evolving in a bid to flatten the curve and economic disruption across industries, traditional ways of working have been usurped. To test our hypotheses, we studied 42 reputed Indian organisations through a combination of survey and 1:1 conversations with CXOs. We identified 7 key learnings from the current crisis, which could potentially accelerate the Future of Work in India:

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