People analytics maturity in India


Over the past century, HR technology has transformed the role of HR professionals, freeing them from transactional tasks to focus on strategic initiatives and significantly improving the employee experience. Now in the next wave of transformation, AI and Gen AI are poised to revolutionise HR once again. They come in as the next big game changers with immense potential to transform the role of HR, to become a true strategic partner and business enabler. Organisations are moving beyond simply solving their data woes to taking a more structured approach to using data and generate value for business. 

We are entering a new dawn where we are making huge strides in realising value from our People Analytics interventions. We have evolved from purely attrition trend analysis, to proactive interventions, to prevent critical people from leaving; from “one size fits all” well-being initiatives, we now pre-empt well-being issues and customise interventions; from just monitoring learning completion hours, we can now evaluate learning ROI and impact of learning interventions on business. The outcomes are concrete, and the value, measurable.

People Analytics | Unlocking the Value

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