HR of the Future

Developing the HR leaders of tomorrow

Human Resource professionals have a difficult job. They are agents of the organisation, managing a significantly expensive asset, while also doubling as advocates for employees.
As the HR function evolves to become a key partner of the business in the achievement of the organizational vision, the role of the HR professional becomes pivotal. However, striking the right balance between what the business needs and doing the right thing for employees is no easy task.
The HR of the Future Program aims to build capability (both technical and behavioural) in the organization’s HR professionals, to pave the way for a world-class approach to delivering talent services.
The program will enable professionals to multiply their power – to create a positive impact on organizational productivity by designing solutions that directly address the needs of the business.
The program also enables participants to build personal credibility in the organization, to evolve into trusted advisors for their respective verticals.
The program is a critical stepping stone in the journey of HR professionals looking to create a lasting impact on the organization.


Who is this program for?

This program is ideally suited for HR professionals who aspire to take on leadership positions in the function, or whose role requires them to influence strategy, or align HR operations to the business strategy. Prior experience of at least 5 years in the HR function, in any area of work, is recommended.