Convergence 2016

Rethinking the future

Convergence of ideas, technologies and industries is opening up new opportunities. A lot of this is caused by a few disruptive firms and individuals that require the rest of the industry to react. We take a look at the options available to business leaders as they deal with the rapidity and enormity of convergence. Join Deloitte at Convergence 2016 to learn more.

Convergence 2016: Event details

We have brought together some of our global sector leaders who work at the edges of their sectors, advise companies on how they deal with the new realities they are faced with.

Date: 16 November 2016
Time: 09:30 – 17:30
Location: ITC Grand Central, Mumbai 

About Convergence 2016

The definitions of industries are being threatened thanks to emerging technologies. Once the change is set in motion, it is not just technology but the emerging business models that further cause far reaching opportunities for convergence. Not only does convergence change the players and offerings, but also the definitions of competitiveness and value. Therefore, someone who thinks of convergence as a ‘tech thing’ is likely to miss the big picture.

The question business leaders are looking to answer is, “what happens to my company after the disruption is caused?”

Convergence by Deloitte will answer this question relating to disruption, and opportunities in the new industry structure or eco system. We are pleased to invite you for a conversation with our global leaders from Technology, Media & Telecommunications, and Consumer & Industrial Products. This event will also provide an opportunity to interact with fellow business leaders and understand there perspectives.