Recharging India’s electric vehicle ambition by electrifying public transport  

Plugging the gaps through business models

Rapid urbanisation has augmented the travel demands impacting air quality and increased fuel bills. Thus, there is a potential need to develop appropriate business models to facilitate a robust EV ecosystem. 

Key highlights:

  1. Understanding the need of the business model and to make electric mobility financially and operationally sustainable
  2. Developing rationales for choosing a business model depending on the risk bearing capabilities of the involved stakeholders
  3. Developing interventions through public transport considering the potential scale and impact on mobility of people by public transport in addition to addressing pollution and congestion
  4. Analysing the coexistence of partnerships by enhancing first and last mile connectivity and providing integrated mobility solutions through electric rickshaws
  5. Promoting public charging infrastructure to increase usage of electric vehicles and enhance interoperability
  6. Mapping a roadmap for cities to plug the gaps in the existing mobility system and augment EV adoption

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