Mainstreaming Affordable Housing in India

Housing for All by 2022

"Housing for All" is a priority of the Government of India. In the recent past, the slew of policy and programmatic interventions of the apex Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), supported by budgetary interventions, have ushered a new era of reforms in the states and the private sector alike. The daunting target of bridging the gap of more than 2 crore dwellings by 2022 requires the entire value chain of stakeholders to perform their part in this economically and socially important agenda.

With this background, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP organized a Round Table with key stakeholders on “Mainstreaming Affordable Housing in India.” The key objective of the event was to present Deloitte’s perspectives and elicit critical views on the efforts made so far, brainstorming on identification of the missing links to take forward the agenda of Housing for All by 2022.

After the event, Deloitte released this thought paper on the agenda. This paper draws from the deliberations between stakeholders,  including various financial institutions, housing finance companies, technical and academic institutions, non-government organizations, the private sector, and the Government of India. It presents the challenges faced by the government and the private sector in implementing the ambitious program, and details out select recommendations to transform the sector canvas to a vibrant and delivery-oriented landscape.

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