Blockchain in Public Sector

Transforming government services through exponential technologies

India is at a cusp of technological revolution, taking strides in adoption and implementation of new technologies. The government’s thrust on digital transactions, easing business processes and enabling transparency, is opening new doors for innovation and deployment of exponential technologies. As the impact of disruptive digital forces become visible, blockchain as a technology has found traction across the spectrum, within the industries and the government.

Seeing the growth of increase in blockchain adoption globally, Indian policymakers too have taken cognizance of its potential and are exploring this distributed ledger technology in multiple domains such as asset registration, recordkeeping, benefit transfers, and so on. State governments are collaborating with start-ups and technology giants to develop proof of concepts and pilots. The Government of Maharashtra too has been evaluating this technology for applications in e-governance. As this trend continues, the public sector may leapfrog into a new era of digital management.

Deloitte is actively involved in understanding the early trends of blockchain adoption in India, and is undertaking proof of concepts for multiple use cases across industries. We are leveraging the experience from our global member firms to tailor solutions to the Indian context and exploring new avenues for its adoption.

This publication presents the concept of blockchain, a framework for assessing its applicability for use cases in public sector, and discusses the way forward for supporting an enabling ecosystem to accelerate innovations.

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