Sectors we serve

Civil GovernmentDeloitte is committed to helping governments improve how they serve citizens day to day. The Civil Government Sector provides solutions to help communities operate efficiently and effectively, spanning all levels of government across a wide range of programs, from taxes to environmental protection.

Transport: We provide public transportation organizations with results that address their unique market challenges: escalating competition, technological demands, and the macro-level demographic implications on how cities and nations are moving people and goods.

Defense, Security & Justice: In the wake of sophisticated and unpredictable threats, governments and organizations need to navigate today’s disruptive, geo-political landscape. Deloitte’s agile solutions contribute to a stronger and more cost-effective defense agenda, without sacrificing the overall mission of organizations.

Health & Social Care: At Deloitte we bring innovative yet practical solutions to navigate this vastly complex market—to protect and provide better outcomes for communities, through programs to assist with social welfare, unemployment, or family care, in addition to physical and mental health.

International Donor Organizations: We work closely with some of the largest multi-lateral and bilateral donor organizations, foundations and not-for profit organizations who partner Government seamlessly in the quest towards achieving the sustainable development goals. Deloitte is committed to cultivating social progress and strengthening such development focused partnerships across the globe.

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