Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

See yourself in Cyber. #BeMoreCyberAware

Today representatives from across industry, government, regulatory bodies and society need to work together to help create a cyber secure culture fit for the future. Raising awareness of possible cyber threats/ scenarios and encouraging good cyber habits are one of the best ways to maintain a sustainable strengthened security posture.

To raise awareness and highlight the importance of cyber safety and digital security, October has been recognised as Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM). Now in its 19th year, cybersecurity awareness month continues to build momentum and impact, with the overarching theme for this year, ‘See yourself in Cyber’. The theme empowers individuals and organisations to take ownership in making smart decisions, at home and at the workplace, to stay safe online and create a secure cyberspace for all.

At Deloitte India Risk Advisory, we take this opportunity to share some of the best practices that can help reduce your cybersecurity risks, protect your data online, and build a diverse cybersecurity workforce to combat cyberattacks.

Cyber safety and digital security best practices

Cybersecurity awareness pledge

Join us as we pledge to ‘Be more cyber aware’ this October and commit to protecting your data online. Take the pledge with us under the ‘See yourself in Cyber’ initiative and extend your support by participating in and encouraging others to be cyber smart, both at home and at the workplace.

I pledge 

  1. To never share passwords with anyone and to use strong separate passwords for all accounts.
  2. To never download a file or software online from unauthorised sources.
  3. To use an antivirus program and keep my devices secure from any security risks.
  4. To pause and think about possible cyber risks before I click on unknown links and attachments.
  5. To lock my phone, computer, laptop, and other devices when left unattended.
  6. To never post personal, sensitive, or non-public information on social media.
  7. To be wary of the people I talk to on social media as not everyone is who they say they are on the internet.
  8. To never participate in cyber bullying activities.
  9. To not believe in everything I read online as “Fake news” is common on the internet, and refrain from resharing the false information.
  10. To raise awareness of good internet practices among my family, friends, colleagues, and society.

Cybersecurity awareness quiz

Did you take part in the #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth quiz on our social media handles? Time to verify your answers. #SeeYourselfinCyber

#SeeYourselfInCyber and #BeMoreCyberAware

Here's what our Deloitte Women in Cyber leaders have to say. Tap the image to read more.

See yourself in Cyber. Join us at Deloitte.

Cyber threats and challenges today are increasingly diverse owing to the fast-paced and dynamic business landscape. Cybersecurity has become essential for the growth, success, and long-term development of organisations, and is equally important on a personal level. Therefore, the need for more people to join, support and solve cybersecurity issues is critical today.

This industry is expanding with opportunities for millions of talented professionals globally and there is a need for more professionals who provide a fresh perspective to solve diverse cybersecurity challenges. See yourself in Cyber and #BeMoreCyberAware every day by joining us at #DeloitteCyber.

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