Identity and Access Management for Life Sciences and Healthcare (LSHC)

Healthcare organisations contain confidential patient information, including diagnostic plans, medical history, reports, and prescriptions that can be misused by threat actors. Not only do these records fetch lucrative offers on the dark web, but also be used to create fake identities and commit other fraudulent activities. Hospitals use sophisticated healthcare applications and devices, and administrative access to these, if compromised, can cause a greater risk of cyberattacks.

There is a need to adopt an agile and dynamic security foundation that is resilient to organisational change and flexible enough to meet the challenges faced by the modern business, workforce, and technology trends. Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides a comprehensive solution for securing patient data, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance in the healthcare industry.

An IAM framework also automates lifecycle management processes. efficiency, and reduces help desk calls and costs. Whether your organisation keeps its data in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, an IAM solution seamlessly helps you to operate securely in a connected world.

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