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Cyber Intelligence Centre

Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) offers advanced managed security services by fusing deep cyber intelligence with our unique industry insights. It enables our clients to secure their digital business while enhancing trust and reducing risk.


Today, every business is embracing digitalisation and transforming itself. However, this opens risk avenues and may make an enterprise more susceptible to cyber threats.

At Deloitte, we understand cyber and hence, offer new-age customisable offerings that help prevent, swiftly detect, and actively respond to these cyber threats, thereby reducing the business risks to our clients.

Our 2 CICs in India, part of a global network of more than 30 CICs, provide round-the-clock coverage while offering advanced managed security services, powered by Deloitte proprietary assets and industry leading platforms.


CIC offerings are tailored to suit your business needs and can be customised to either utilise Deloitte’s industry leading platforms or leverage your investments in leading commercial cyber platforms.

Deloitte’s unique industry perspective, complemented by our broad risk advisory experience, helps to assess and reduce cyber risk.

In alignment with the diverse nature of businesses that we serve and their specific regulatory requirements, we provide flexible operating models and multiple offering packages that meet your managed security service requirements.

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