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Cyber Intelligence Centre Services

Secure. Vigilant. Resilient.

Through the Cyber Intelligence Centre, Deloitte adopts a field-driven methodology and systematic approach in building a secure and proactive Enterprise Cyber Security programme.

Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre Services

Emerging technologies have led to a proportional rise in complexity of managing cyber assets. Today’s threat landscape is filled by increasingly sophisticated attacks and intrusions that take the form of advanced persistent threats, sophisticated malware and zero-day threats. IT operations in many organisations lack processes, skills and tooling capabilities for comprehending real-time intelligence and taking timely action to safeguard the assets. Organisations need to adopt a Contextual Security Intelligence-based programme that converts raw data into actionable intelligence that can be useful to protect, detect and mitigate risk proactively.

Business value is becoming more and more dependent on ‘always-on, always-connected’ systems. Exposure to cyber threats increases as businesses embrace the digital world, and thus the challenge is to understand what is happening in the digital landscape, what it means, and what to do about it. Also, it is important to understand the presence of similar threats in our environment.

We recognise that every organisation is different.

Our flexible, pragmatic, and independent approach to manage cyber security means that we work with you, from perimeter to the board room, to address the constantly changing threats.

The most resilient businesses today are those that are always aware of the latest risks, have prepared their organisations to be robust, and are able to respond swiftly and effectively to mitigate new risks.

In managing these critical elements of cyber security, we help our clients take continued advantage of the benefits of digital business through our technical approach.

Through Deloitte’s consistent approach to become Secure, Vigilant, and Resilient, you can be more confident in your ability to reap the value of your investments.

Secure. Vigilant. Resilient

In recent years, cyber attacks have become increasingly coordinated and sophisticated, with cyber criminals targeting specific organizations, regions, and customer profiles. To prevent potential financial, reputational, and operational damage, organizations must go beyond the IT function. Senior management, legal counsel, and boards must take proactive steps to strengthen cyber resiliency.

Cyber Risk Managed Services – Application Security

Every organization reaches out to its consumers by all possible mediums. This includes Web and Mobile applications. However, most have inadequately secured their applications, leading to cyber attacks we experience every day.

A fresh approach

Given the complexity of today’s environment, the traditional approach of securing applications in silos is not an effective way of handling security. There is a need for a much more radical approach which should be robust, scalable, and able to connect with dynamics of application. Selecting the right tool sets that can effectively identify the vulnerabilities is an important component of this approach, along with skilled resources who have the expertise to interpret and provide solutions.

Phishing as a Service

As computer systems become increasingly complex, the human component becomes an interesting entry point for attackers. Research shows that in 29% of successful data leaks, employees provided access to attacker unintentionally.

Phishing is the practice where cyber criminals email employees asking them to perform a certain action e.g., clicking on a malicious link which installs software and allows an attacker to gain access to sensitive data or take control over the system.

To educate employees about phishing, organizations often offer training's and conduct awareness campaigns. However, the knowledge fades with time which makes it imperative to have these training and awareness campaigns to be repeated periodically.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a matured outcome of an early day practice of vulnerability assessment. Today’s threat landscape is unimaginably different, with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually and the growing complexity of the organization’s environment. Verizon’s Data Breach Incident Report of 2016 shows an increasing trend in the number of vulnerabilities identified and its exploits. The sheer volume of launched attacks demands best-in-class vulnerability management solutions that deliver comprehensive discovery to support the entire vulnerability management lifecycle.

Managed Threat Services

With proliferation of advanced technologies and shared environments, the threat landscape is rapidly changing and expanding. Besides, it is getting more complex to manage with increased adoption of cloud services and use mobile devices for corporate data and applications. As a result, the traditional approach to security is not sufficient to ensure information and asset security of organizations or manage threats. Many enterprises are cognizant of changing security demands. However, due to inadequate integration between technologies, lack of expertise, resources, intelligence, and a different core business focus, the cost and complexity of security operations increases. To ensure essential cyber security, along with new generation security controls, there is a need of holistic and advanced security threat management programme that is equipped with actionable intelligence and rapid response to shift security operations approach from reactive to predictive threat management.

Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC)

The Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) combines deep cyber intelligence with broad business intelligence to deliver relevant, tailored, and actionable insights to inform business decision-making.

The CIC fuses a number of services together to provide our clients with a truly tailored service enables them to fully understand their cyber risks and adopt proportionate responses in an increasingly digital and interconnected business environment. We do this by providing them with improved visibility of threats and assests, based on highly relevant intelligence that reflects their specific busniess, market, and industry context.

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