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Cyber risk managed services

Protect, detect, and mitigate cyber risk proactively

Deloitte is a large integrated cyber risk management practice worldwide, solving the most complex problems of the world’s large organizations. Our team of global cyber risk advisors work with our clients to build effective cyber risk strategies based on a deep understanding of their business and industry. Our wide range of integrated capabilities enable our clients to build a comprehensive, business-aligned, end-to-end program. The benefit is building a secure, vigilant, and resilient strategy that enables our clients to grow, share, and trust without deferring compliance.

Cyber Risk Managed Services comes under an umbrella of Cyber Risk Services to help an organization operate more efficiently, address their talent shortages, achieve more advanced capabilities, and keep on track the overall cyber risk program objectives.

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Managed Services is founded on Deloitte’s depth of experience in risk, regulation, and technology, helping an organization to:

  • Advance their secure, vigilant, resilient programs, regardless of where they are starting from, creating an extensible foundation for future capabilities,
  • Unify compliance and technology risk efforts to help them address their regulatory mandates without losing sight of larger business risk issues,
  • Achieve the fundamentals faster, leveraging our engagement accelerators, extensive industry experience, and deep cyber risk domain knowledge,
  • Focus on what matters through engagements that drive alignment to their top business risks, informed by current awareness of the threat landscape, and
  • Support strategic business initiatives through integrated strategies to address the associated cyber risks.

Managed Threat Services

Deloitte Managed Threat Services (MTS) provides customized threat detection, assessment, and response services to enterprises across industries in today's dynamic and evolving threat landscape. It follows a business-aligned risk-based approach in security monitoring and threat analysis that prioritizes security incidents and threats on the basis of business value of the targeted asset. Leveraging its global Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) network, Deloitte MTS provides proven threat management.

Deloitte MTS is based on information acquired from the client’s business environment, threat landscape dynamics, global threat intelligence and knowledge base built over experience of providing various security services to multiple clients from diverse industry verticals.

Our team has industry-recognized skills and certifications. Going beyond the technical feeds, the team can contextualize the relevant threats, helping determine the actual risk that a threat poses to an enterprise business, its clients and other stakeholders.

Vulnerability Management

The digital revolution is driving business innovation and growth but it’s also exposing us to new and emerging threats. Vulnerability Management is a matured outcome of an early day practice of vulnerability assessment. Today’s threat landscape is unimaginably different, with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually and the growing complexity of the organization’s environment.

Vulnerability Management as a Service: Deloitte leverage its Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) platform to deliver differentiated vulnerability management services. It integrates advanced security capability with industry insight to provide application and infrastructure security and offers a broad approach to vulnerability management that goes well beyond security testing.

Phishing as a Service

The number of technical security measures within organizations is increasing over the past years. As a result, attackers are focusing more on the weakest link: the human factor. Phishing is a method whereby malicious e-mails are sent by cybercriminals with the intent to gain a first point of entry into the corporate network. Educating employees to recognize and respond to phishing attacks is the best step towards a more secure organization.

Deloitte leverages its Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) to deliver “Phishing as a Service” to its clients across the globe. The CIC combines deep cyber intelligence with broad business intelligence to deliver relevant, tailored, and actionable insights to inform business decision-making.

Application Security

Securing applications is a multi-faceted activity that needs a thorough understanding of the application behavior and its various functionalities. More than half of all breaches involve web applications—yet less than 10 percent of organizations ensure all critical applications are reviewed for security before and during production.

Given the complexity of today’s environment, the traditional approach of securing applications in silos is not an effective way of handling security. There is a need for a much more radical approach which should be robust, scalable, and able to connect with the dynamics of an application. Our Application Security offering enables selecting the right tool sets that can effectively identify the vulnerabilities, and offers skilled resources who have the expertise to interpret and provide solutions. Deloitte provides additional services—e.g., Managed Threat Intelligence Service, Managed Vulnerability Service, and Managed Threat Services—that are related to Application Security for delivering immense value in managing threats and vulnerabilities effectively.

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