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Cyber Security Analytics Services

Proactive Context-based Security Intelligence

Handling, monitoring, analysing security logs from different IT assets is a challenge for the SOC operations team. Compliance and Governance needs, and niche skills required around Security Analytics is driving organisations to outsource.

Cyber security is constantly evolving in the digital universe. There is a lot of evidence suggesting the race between the information owners on one end and the others who invest their energies in destroying or gaining unauthorized access to such information on the other end. Managing the technology resources more effectively and staying informed of the threats to your IT assets, is thus an going task. Deloitte Security Analytics services helps organisations to address these challenges and make better decisions for allocating your limited time and security expenditures.

Organisations have been deploying perimeter, communication and content security controls—providing controlled access to IT resources while monitoring and reporting suspicious activities—thereby improving the overall security response time.

Machine and operational logs generated by disparate sources and IT assets (Server, Network Security Devices, Applications) carry a lot of useful information, but analysing this information manually and individually without missing events of interest poses a unique challenge for the organisation as well as the information security practitioners. Deloitte Managed Security Services in Security Log and Event Management assists organisations by effectively consolidating, classifying and correlating the events, thereby leading to generate meaningful generations of alerts, reducing false positive while increasing the overall security posture by providing actionable intelligence.

Enterprise Applications make use of RDMS to store transaction and operational logs within its defined schema. This data carries useful information on who did what and when, which can be useful to detect any fraudulent activity. Deloitte Security Analytics services offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to discover, classify, manage and analyse vulnerabilities and associated risks to corporate data.

Data Loss or leakage is a cause of worry for many organisations. This is an inherent threat to the electronic information due to the grant of IT access rights to end users. To prevent data exfiltraion, it is important to define policies, procedures, implement a systematic DLP programme, and prevent data theft at network, gateway and the end-point level. Deloitte's expertise in Risk Management, coupled with its skills in areas of Cyber Security Analytics, helps to set up a foundation to safeguard your information from insiders and outsiders.

Deloitte’s experience, along with our broad multidisciplinary delivery capability helps deliver the following values:

  • Field-driven practical approach towards a methodological and systematic programme
  • Risk-based pragmatic and holistic approach using multiple tools
  • Services provided through Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) experts

Deloitte Security Analytics Services is part of its Cyber Risk Services offering that includes:

  • Security Log and Event Management Services using multivendor SIEM solutions
  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Service and solutions
  • Data Exfiltration’s Data Leakage Protection (DLP) Program Implementation Service
  • IP – Web Reputation Service
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