Wireless security survey

Wireless network security landscape of India

The Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) practice of Deloitte helps organisations build value by taking a risk-intelligent approach to manage financial, technological and business risks. This approach helps our clients to focus on key areas of increased risk, manage them in an effective manner and pursue not only risk mitigation, but also intelligent risk-acceptance as a means of value creation.

Deloitte offers a broad range of riskrelated solutions grouped into two service lines:

Business Risk service

Business Risk professionals assess,analyse, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of governance, financial and operational control processes, offer recommendations to improve operations, and assist clients with enterprise risk and compliance activities, through customised service offerings.

Technology Risk service

The Technology Risk professionals help the clients guard against information technology and security-related threats with the help of optimised systems design, processes and controls. Our team assesses checks and balances for work processes, computer applications and the controls to help manage and mitigate risks associated with the sensitivity of information. We help organisations to adopt effective IT governance structures to achieve and sustain appropriate levels of technology certification.

Wireless network security landscape of India
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