Risk Analytics

Deloitte's Risk Analytics service advises organisations on how to effectively mitigate risk, and make informed and intelligent risk decisions around business processes, technology and operations.

Organisations today are seeking to increase ‘risk intelligence’ by clearly defining, understanding, and managing their tolerance for exposure to risk.
Advanced analytics capabilities and cognitive technologies enable better visibility into the challenges associated with managing the many types of risk in such key areas as operations, finance, compliance, controllership, and risk management functions.

We take pride in taking an integrated approach, combining specialist insight and innovation across multiple disciplines including analytics, controls and resilience.

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Risk Insights through Analytics

In today’s landscape, many risks are not readily visible, leading to risk management by instinct. Leaders are being asked to back up their intuition with hard data, better understand key risk factors and their relative importance in real numbers, and identify future risks long before they become a reality.

‘Risk Insights through Analytics’ a self-service risk analytics platform, enables companies to leverage high-quality analytical insights to identify, assess, and optimise their risk exposures, improve performance, increase profits, and accelerate growth.

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Advanced analytics: Key enabler for upgrading to IA 3.0

The case for advanced analytics

Deloitte’s 2018 CAE survey indicated that use of advanced analytics has tripled from seven percent of Internal Audit functions (noted during the 2016 survey) to 21 percent. However, at only a 21 percent adoption rate, there is a huge scope for the incorporation of advanced analytics into IA functions. The survey also reflected that analytics is underutilised in audit planning, and continuous auditing should increase. The results indicate that, in practice, analytics is most often deployed during fieldwork and, less often, in higher-impact activities such as audit scoping and planning.

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Travel and Expense Controller

In today’s fluid, fast-paced business environment the amount of domestic or cross-border business travel demanded of employees continues to rise. This represents challenges for the employee and the employer alike. At the same time, there is an acknowledged need for greater visibility and control over the Travel and Expenses (T&E) process.

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Preventive analytics

The Deloitte Preventive analytics solution is built upon an advanced machine learning platform. It leverages machine learning models that data scientists and developers use to relate transactional data to fraud/control exceptions data. This makes it ideal for situations that require highly personalized and customized outputs to prevent an occurrence of activity which is not in line to business environment leading to frauds and leakages. We have developed highly effective algorithms that can be tailor-made for identifying root causes for your specific business problem.

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FinRisk Analyser

Finance is an ever-evolving function. As the operating environment becomes more complex and dependent on data from multiple systems, the function poses risks from multiple fronts. In such a dynamic business landscape, traditional methods of reviewing underlying transactions for financial closure and overseeing activities for quality control and reconciliation seem inadequate on multiple fronts. These methods are error prone, slow, difficult to deliver, and resource intensive.

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Pharma Analytics

The need to leverage large amounts of data in the pharma industry is growing exponentially.
Our sector customised risk analytics solution hub, Pharma Analytics, enables organisations to anticipate risk and maximise business opportunities through data-driven insights. These high-quality insights presented through analytics dashboards for core and support business processes help in effective business decision-making by the CXOs. They aid in better risk management and result in an improved control and governance environment.

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Data Explorer for Road Assets

Transforming large piles of disorganized data into business insights helps improve business agility and processes in unprecedented ways. This is more applicable for businesses with a high volume of transaction data. Deloitte's Risk Analytics applications are designed to extract meaning from large volumes of data and drive efficiency in resource allocation.

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Freight Analytics

Freight spend analytics solution is managed analytics application that helps companies identify overall trend of spend, outliers, and exception to contractual terms.

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Continuous Control Monitoring

With advent of integrated audits and the importance which regulators places on internal controls, enterprises are looking at options to make more effective and efficient internal control environments.

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Procure to Pay analytics

The Procure to Pay process (P2P) remains one of the most complex business processes, often spanning accross multiple systems and operations. Despite the level of automation, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, P2P remains an area prone to fraud, money leakage, and inefficiencies. Since it is one of the most critical business processes which involves huge cash flows, visibility into the entire life-cycle of a transaction from vendor selection to the final invoice generation and payments with adjustments becomes a challenge for the business.

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