IoT Security Testing

Solutions of IoT Security Testing

Internet of Things, or IoT as we know it, is a technology that forms the core of the interconnected ecosystem that we are citizens of. The interaction between our devices and machines is revolutionizing the nature of our existence whether it is controlling our home appliances, dealing with personal gadgets and workplace devices, or operating the heavy machineries across industrial sectors. IoT has led to genesis of the ‘smart devices’ era – devices that can store, transmit, and process every iota of information about our lifestyle, behavior, relationships, work, opinion, movement, etc. Considering that the data we are exposing our devices to could be personal, private, confidential and/or sensitive, the security and privacy aspects of the IoT technology are gaining increasing significance and implication.

The IoT technology has been at the helm of the proliferation of autonomous devices around us, and this also raises concerns around the new threat avenues that these devices are potentially vulnerable to. Indeed, anything that we allow to transcend into our personal space or confidentiality zone must be effectively monitored, guarded with defensible systems and standards, and controlled in terms of scope of functionality. Each IoT-enabled device could be a site or gateway for unwarranted risks that could have repercussions of enormous scales, and security measures will actually define how well we are able to leverage the potential of IoT for our collective progress.

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